We would like to invite you to watch a short clip from the cruise route of our ships. The cruise route leads along a picturesque trial around „Giżycko island” and leads through 3 lakes (Niegocin, Kisajno, Tajty) and 3 canals (Łuczański, Niegociński/Wilkaski, Piękna Góra). The actual route takes about an hour. Enjoy watching.



Unforgettable cruises on our ships start from Ekomarina Port, which is a modern passenger port with full technical and sanitary facilities, which improve the safety of passengers and carriers. The port is equipped with a system for collecting sewage and sewage from vessels. It was built on Niegocin Lake, whose area is 2604 ha and its depth reaches 39.7m. Niegocin is the third largest body of water in the Masurian Lake District, and seventh largest lake in Poland.


After departure from Ekomarina Port we continue our journey alongside Giżycko's pier, which measure about 407 meters and is regarded as one of the longest in Poland. The pier was built at the turn of the sixties and seventies of the last century. The building is more than 40 years old and it was designed as a cover for an inland waterway port, and continues to do so to this day. The pier protects the port of passenger ships and the yacht port – Ekomarina.


The next stage of the cruise is a journey along the Giżycki Canal ( Łuczański ), which connects Niegocin and Kisajno lakes. The canal is 2130m long and 1.9m deep. It crosses the western part of Giżycko, firstly under the railway bridge, passes the swing bridge, and then under the footbridge and two more road bridges.


The swing bridge was built in 1889. It is a unique historic structure and is the only bridge of this kind in Poland and just one of two in Europe. It is situated on the Giżycki Canal and was designed to facilitate the connection between the Boyen Fortress and the city. The bridge's moving span, which is 20m long, 8m wide and weighs over 100 tons, turns to the side, rather then upwards. It has always been operated manually by just one person.


After crossing the Giżycki Canal, we enter the Kisajno Lake, which is a part of group of lakes ( 8 interconnected lakes) under a common name – The Mamry Lake – with an area of 10 400 ha, and it is the second largest lake in Poland. The area of the Kisajno Lake is 1896 ha, depth reaches 25 m, 8,5 km long and 3km wide. Only this single lake has 18 different islands ( nature reserves ) and the route between the islands has been called Swan Trail.


From natural, awe-inspiring beautiful landscapes we enter the shortest canal on our route – PIĘKNA GÓRA canal, at 150 meters long, connecting Kisajno and Tajty Lake.


Tajty Lake, whose water surface is about 2700 square meters is the next lake on our way. The average depth of the lake is 7.5m, maximum depth – 34,0 m. The lake is 5.4 km long and the maximum width is 1.3km.


Another attraction on the route is Niegociński (Wilkaski) Canal, which connects Tajty and Niegocin Lakes. The Canal is 1130m long. It was closed for 2 years and put back into service in 2019.


We sail out of the canal and enter the Niegocin Lake near Wilkasy City, heading towards the Ekomarina Port.

During the return to the port, we can admire the view of St. Bruno’s Hill, a popular and local landmark in Giżycko. The St. Bruno's Hill, which is located 1.5 km away from the city center commemorates the martyrdom of St. Bruno, a missionary who was killed by Pagans in 1009. From the hill you can enjoy the view of the city and surrounding landscape. In 1910, a cross was erected on the hill to commemorate the martyrdom of St. Bruno.


From Niegocin Lake, we return to the Ekomarina Port, where we safely finish our journey through the Masurian nooks.

Thank you, come again!
Mirosław and Krzysztof Gostomscy

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