BOSMAN S.C INLAND WATERWAY TRANSPORT company was founded by brothers – Miroslaw and Krzysztof Gostomskich in 1991. The company head office is located in Giżycko – Żeromskiego 1A street.

Basic activity of the company are cruises and passenger transport mainly on the route of Masurian Lake District.

The Masurian Lake District is a unique system of lakes, connected by canals into a magnificent waterway. What is the best way to explore Land of a Thousand Lakes? Of course from the deck of our ships.

Our ships have inland navigation certificates and meet all requirements for the carriage of passengers.

Our motto is:
„3 lakes, 3 canals in one hour”

Join us on board!

Kapitan - Mirosław Gostomski
Mirek Gostomski

Kapitan - Krzysztof Gostomski
Krzysztof Gostomski